DOT Undersecretary Bathan Apologizes Amidst Controversy Over Excessive Show-off in Assisting Friend in Japan

DOT Undersecretary Bathan Apologizes Amidst Controversy Over Excessive Show-off in Assisting Friend in Japan

From Bathan FB account 

Tourism Undersecretary Mae Elaine Bathan, who also serves as the chief of staff for Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco, has issued a statement in response to the backlash she received for a viral Facebook post.Bathan expressed her intention to exercise greater caution in sharing content on her social media platforms.The viral post in question involved Bathan sharing a screenshot of a conversation with her close friend, Regal Oliva, who happens to be the lawyer of the Mandaue City Treasurer.

The conversation revealed that Bathan had interrupted a national meeting to assist Oliva.Oliva, who was in Japan at the time, sought help with Google Translate to satisfy her craving for Japanese food.Bathan's now-deleted Facebook post stated, "When your best friend calls you because she needs help with Google Translate so she can eat and thrive in Japan, everything else has to take a backseat. Even if it involves airport takeover and privatization."Oliva shared her side of the story on the same social media platform, highlighting Bathan's remark that providing her with food in Japan was more important than national matters.

The post attracted criticism from netizens, who demanded an explanation from Bathan.In response, Bathan clarified that her social media activity was never intended to disrespect her position, colleagues, or the purpose of her work.She acknowledged the need to be more mindful of what she shares, particularly in public, to avoid causing confusion.Bathan apologized to Secretary Frasco, her colleagues, and the public for the incident.She reassured everyone that she would never neglect her duties and responsibilities as a public servant, emphasizing that they will always be her top priority.Bathan asked for understanding and sincerely apologized to the Secretary, her colleagues, and the public. She pledged to exercise greater discernment when using social media platforms to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. She expressed her apologies for any negative sentiments that may have arisen from the situation.

I understand that my previous post has caused different reactions, some negative, which I regret, as it is taking away attention from more serious matters that we have been working tirelessly on.
My social media activity never intends to disrespect the office I represent, my colleagues in government, or the purpose of my work. 
I acknowledge that as a public servant, I should be more mindful of how and what I share, especially in public to not cause any confusion.
I would like to assure everyone that I would never brush aside my duties and responsibilities as a public servant - these will always be my priority. 
I ask for the kind understanding and sincerely apologize to the Secretary, my colleagues and the public. Moving forward, I will practice more discernment in my use of any social media platform to ensure that this will not happen again.
Thank you and I sincerely apologize for any negative sentiments this may have caused.


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