Russia is strengthening and preparing for a bigger war against its enemies

Russia is strengthening and preparing for a bigger war against its enemies

According to officials and experts, Russia has recently entered its third year of conflict with Ukraine, and the situation has evolved since Vladimir Putin's initial invasion. Moscow is actively strengthening its military capabilities and making preparations for a potential future conflict with Western nations.

here has been a widespread influx of warnings regarding Russia's preparations for a significantly larger war. Various officials from the intelligence community have been raising concerns, indicating that Russia is getting ready for a potential conflict with the West that may escalate in the near future.

There have been several warnings from various sources regarding Russia's preparations for a larger war. Here are some articles that provide more details on the subject:

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"Path to war in Ukraine was laid in months of plans, warnings" - This article explores the events leading up to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. It highlights the warnings and demands made by Russia, as well as the response from the United States and NATO.  


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