Philippine history and roots development

 Philippine history and roots development

Descriptions : 

History is the narrative of humanity's past, providing a systematic record and explanation of people's thoughts, words, and actions. It encompasses political, economic, and social aspects. Political matters pertain to governance, economic matters relate to agriculture, industry, and trade, while social matters encompass everyday life and culture.

The study of our historical roots and development also considers the physical environment, which significantly influences a country's history and future development. By tracing the origins of the Filipino people, we can understand the diverse roots and multifaceted cultural heritage, fostering a deep sense of nationhood and national identity.

Examining the past enables us to comprehend the present. For instance, understanding the history of the church and the nations involved is essential to grasp the current state of Catholicism and the recent challenges faced by Muslim rebels. A comprehensive understanding of government foundations sheds light on the perpetual social unrest in our country. Issues such as poverty, prosperity, and the distribution of goods often recur throughout different regions.

While some aspects of history remain uncertain or unknown, many parts are clear. History presents a connected account of our people's rise and fall, as well as the entire population of our nation. Knowledge of history enhances the enjoyment of reading books, newspapers, and magazines, fostering a greater flow of ideas and facilitating the assessment of truth.

Moreover, history cultivates in students a greater tolerance for differing opinions. It reveals how easily people have been deceived in the past and how numerous errors have persisted in opposition to the truth.

General Objectives: 

In studying our Philippine History. student will learn about the challenges and achievements of people throughout the in different periods oi time, satisfaction will be gained from three records. knowledge will be gained Of the past the insight will have into the presenc I,inks between the past and the present us, It helps the in which we live, Knowledge in Philippine History give us an even greater appreciation of our heritage. knowledge other people Will the present times and the Will enhance the ability to evaluate and deal effectively with of the present times. 

These Can he into thc following: 

• Learn about the past • Understand the present • Prepare for the future • Appreciate our heritage • Broaden our perspective • Acquire background for critical thinking

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