Emerging as a Saint in the Making: Niña Ruiz-Abad

Niña Ruiz-Abad's life and actions have served as a profound inspiration for others. Her unwavering dedication to helping those in need, her selflessness, and her commitment to making a positive impact have touched the hearts of many. Through her compassionate acts of kindness and her tireless efforts in serving the community, she has become a beacon of hope and a role model for others to emulate.

Exposition of the official portrait of Servant of God Niña Ruiz Abad on April 7. (photo: Courtesy of the Cenacle of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus)

Niña's genuine empathy and willingness to go above and beyond to assist others have inspired countless individuals to take action and make a difference in their own communities. Her selfless acts of service have shown others the power of compassion and the transformative impact it can have on both individuals and communities.

Moreover, Niña's resilience in the face of challenges and her ability to overcome adversity have served as a source of inspiration for those facing their own struggles. Her determination and positive attitude have shown others the importance of perseverance and the ability to find strength in difficult times.

Overall, Niña Ruiz-Abad's life and actions have inspired others by exemplifying the values of kindness, compassion, and resilience. Through her inspiring journey, she has instilled hope, encouraged empathy, and motivated others to make a positive difference in the lives of those around them.

The tomb of Niña Ruiz Abad at St. Monica parish, Ilocos Norte, Philippines (Photo: Courtesy of Father Dennis Ruíz)

The formal initiation of the canonization process for Niña Ruiz Abad, a 13-year-old Filipina, took place on April 7 at the Cathedral of St. William the Hermit in Laoag City, Philippines. This significant event coincided with Divine Mercy Sunday, symbolizing the start of a potentially lengthy journey to canonize Ruiz Abad as one of the youngest saints in history. Bishop Renato Mayugba of Laoag City led the tribunal responsible for hearing testimonies from witnesses who attested to her life and holiness. She has been described as a source of inspiration for piety, mercy, evangelization, and fortitude.

During the session, a video reenactment of Ruiz Abad's life was shown, offering a glimpse into her deep devotion and love for God, even from a young age. The video depicted her sincere prayers before the Blessed Sacrament and her eagerness to share prayer cards and religious images, particularly those of the Santo Niño, with her teachers and classmates. Despite facing an incurable heart disease diagnosis, she remained steadfast in her faith, assuring her mother that God would heal her.

Father Dennis Ruíz, the postulator of the cause, emphasized the significance of her example, particularly for today's youth, drawing parallels with the Blessed Carlo Acutis. He highlighted the challenges and distractions that young people face in the modern world, expressing his belief that Niña's strong faith and virtuous character can serve as a guiding light.

The official portrait of the Servant of God, created by Filipino artist Ariel Caratao, was unveiled during the session. The Divine Mercy Children's Choir, dressed in traditional Filipino attire, performed several songs, including the Children's Entrustment to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Niña's mother, Corazon Abad, her sister Mary Ann Abad, and other relatives attended the event, along with members of the God First Association, an organization named after Niña's renowned slogan "God First." The session was also attended by a significant number of laypeople, priests, sisters, and seminarians.

Following the opening session, the tribunal and attendees visited the tomb of the Servant of God at the Church of St. Monica in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte.

The petition for Ruiz Abad's beatification and canonization aligns with the broader mission of the Church to recognize modern-day saints who exemplify living out their faith in contemporary society. Bishop Mayugba encouraged everyone to be inspired by Niña's impactful yet brief life and to prioritize God in their own lives.

Unveiling the Inspiring Journey of Niña Ruiz-Abad: A Potential Saint

In the realm of the Catholic Church, saints are revered as exemplars of virtuous lives, serving as beacons of inspiration for believers worldwide. Now, attention turns to Niña Ruiz-Abad, a figure who may potentially join the esteemed ranks of saints.

Niña Ruiz-Abad's life story is one of remarkable resilience and unwavering dedication to helping others. Hailing from a humble background, she encountered numerous trials and tribulations throughout her journey. Yet, she remained steadfast in her faith and committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those around her.

A defining characteristic of Niña Ruiz-Abad was her profound compassion. She possessed a deep understanding of the suffering of others and went to great lengths to alleviate their pain. Whether it involved visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, or comforting the lonely, Niña consistently extended a helping hand.

Another remarkable aspect of Niña's life was her unyielding commitment to justice. She staunchly advocated for the rights of the marginalized and oppressed, tirelessly fighting against inequality and discrimination. Niña fearlessly used her voice to speak up for those who lacked a platform.

Niña Ruiz-Abad's extraordinary love and selflessness left an indelible mark on the world. Her legacy continues to inspire and touch the lives of countless individuals.

While the path to sainthood is arduous and lengthy, the potential for Niña Ruiz-Abad's canonization is an exciting prospect. If recognized as a saint, she will join the esteemed company of those who have come before her, serving as a symbol of hope and inspiration for future generations.

Let us closely follow the progress of Niña Ruiz-Abad's cause for sainthood and draw inspiration from her embodiment of love, compassion, and justice. Her remarkable example serves as a reminder of the profound impact one individual can have on the world.

Niña Ruiz-Abad's life and actions have served as a profound inspiration for others. Her unwavering dedication to helping those in need,

Niña Ruiz-Abad's life and actions have been a profound source of inspiration for countless individuals. Her unwavering commitment to assisting those in need has left a lasting impact on the lives of many. She dedicated herself wholeheartedly to helping others, showing compassion and empathy towards those facing difficulties and challenges.

Niña's selflessness and willingness to go above and beyond to make a positive difference have touched the hearts of those around her. She consistently demonstrated a deep sense of care and concern for the well-being of others, offering support, comfort, and assistance whenever it was needed.

Her acts of kindness and generosity have inspired others to follow in her footsteps and make a difference in their own communities. Niña's example has shown that even small acts of kindness can have a significant impact and contribute to creating a more compassionate and caring society.

Furthermore, Niña's dedication to helping others has not only provided practical assistance but has also served as a source of hope and inspiration. Her actions have shown that individuals have the power to make a positive impact, no matter their age or circumstances.

Overall, Niña Ruiz-Abad's unwavering dedication to helping those in need has inspired others to embrace compassion, empathy, and selflessness. Her legacy serves as a reminder that each of us has the ability to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others and contribute to a better world.

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