Elderly Woman's Dedication to Rescued Animals Inspires Netizens

Netizen John Albert Sanico's recent Facebook post has deeply moved many people as he shared heartwarming photos of an elderly woman who has taken in stray kittens and dogs. The woman, often seen wandering around Quirino and settling near the back of the Victoria de Manila condominium in Malate, Manila, separates garbage to afford food for herself and her furry friends.

Sanico approached the woman and found her to be kind-hearted. Although he didn't have cat or dog food with him at the time, he gave her a small amount of money to help. Sanico also mentioned that the woman expressed a need for a sidecar to transport her rescued animals.

The touching story and images have resonated with many, highlighting the compassion and selflessness of the elderly woman and the importance of providing support. Sanico's post has sparked a call for assistance, with people hoping to provide cat and dog food to help nourish the woman's beloved animal companions.

πŸ“·: John Albert Sanico | Facebook

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