The dreams and the dreamer become one - Kim Pag-ong

 The dreams and the dreamer become one - Kim Pag-ong

Food processing involves transforming agricultural products into various forms of food. It encompasses a range of methods, from basic preparation to preservation and packaging. Let’s explore the different levels of food processing:

  1. Primary Food Processing:

    • In this stage, raw agricultural products are converted into edible forms. Examples include:
      • Dryingthreshing, and milling grain.
      • Shelling nuts.
      • Butchering animals for meat.
      • Deboningcutting, and freezing meat.
      • Extracting and filtering oils.
      • Canning food.
      • Homogenizing and pasteurizing milk.
    • While primary food processing improves food safety and extends shelf life, it can also pose contamination and spoilage risks.
  2. Secondary Food Processing:

    • This involves creating food from ready-to-use ingredients. Examples include:
      • Baking bread.
      • Fermenting fish.
      • Producing alcoholic beverages (such as wine and beer).
      • Making sausages from ground meat.
      • Most secondary food processing methods are essentially cooking techniques.
  3. Tertiary Food Processing:

    • Tertiary food processing refers to the commercial production of what we commonly call processed foods.
    • These foods are often ultra-processed and may contain excessive sugar, salt, and little fiber.
    • While convenient, they have been criticized for promoting overnutrition and obesity.
    • Examples include packaged snacks, sugary drinks, and heavily processed ready-to-eat meals.

In summary, food processing plays a crucial role in making food available, improving preservation, and reducing waste. However, it’s essential to strike a balance between convenience and healthfulness in our food choices.

KIM PAG-ONG " Becoming a winner often involves a journey filled with ups and downs, setbacks, and challenges. It’s a resilience and determination. 🌟

# **Rise Again**

In the arena of life, we stumble and fall,

Yet our spirit persists, unyielding through all.

The path to victory winds through valleys low,

Where shadows dance, and doubts begin to grow.

**Down** we may be, our dreams seemingly lost,

But within our hearts, a fire burns, defrost.

For champions rise not from unbroken skies,

But from the ashes of countless tries.

**Battle-scarred**, we stand, our resolve unshaken,

Each defeat a lesson, each setback a token.

The taste of defeat fuels our hunger anew,

As we gather our strength, our purpose in view.

**Fight** we must, against doubt's icy grip,

With courage as armor, and hope as our ship.

For the journey to triumph is not a straight line,

It's a dance with destiny, a relentless climb.

So let the storms rage, and the tempests assail,

We'll rise from the depths, our spirit set sail.

For winners emerge not unscathed or unscarred,

But as warriors who dared, who fought, who marred.

**Again** we rise, fueled by passion's flame,

To rewrite our story, to reclaim our name.

And when the world whispers, "You've had your chance,"

We'll roar back, "Watch us rise, watch us dance!"

So here's to the fighters, the resilient souls,

Who embrace every fall, who mend every hole.

For in the struggle lies the seed of our might,

And with each dawn, we rise, ready to fight.

Keep fighting, my friend. Your unwavering spirit will carry you forward! 🌟πŸ”₯

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