Czech Republic Ready to Support Philippines in Strengthening Defense Capabilities

The Czech Republic is ready to support the Philippines in strengthening its defense capabilities

“The Czech Republic has always been active as a source of equipment from the Philippines. And so, we come again to Czech Republic and offer the, the partnership with the Czech Republic and the Philippines,” President Marcos said.

“We invite the Czech defense companies, defense industry for them to submit proposals, and to once again to participate in the, to supply the Philippines future defense capability requirement,” the chief executive added.

Czech Republic Prime Minister Petr Fiala has assured that they are prepared to support the Philippines in strengthening its defense security by providing the necessary technologies for future use. Czech President Petr Pavel also expressed their support for the Philippine government's modernization program for the Armed Forces of the Philippines, taking into account the Czech Republic's expertise in the defense industry. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr expressed his gratitude to the Czech Republic for their assistance in the modernization program, which includes technology transfer and defense investment initiatives.

 Fiala emphasized that they consider the Philippines as a regional partner in defense and cooperation, highlighting their interest in aiding the modernization of military equipment. President Marcos highlighted that the procurement schedule under the Re-Horizon Phase 3 of the Revised AFP Modernization Program (RAFPMP) is part of the overall modernization efforts, alongside soldier training. The government's plan under Re-Horizon 3 of the RAFPMP includes acquiring more ships, aircraft, and radar systems to enhance the military's capabilities in archipelagic defense. President Marcos has invited Czech defense companies and the defense industry to submit proposals for supplying the Philippines with future defense requirements. President Marcos believes that the Czech Republic's involvement in the AFP's modernization program will contribute to the expansion of the military's capacity and capability in the country.

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. expressed his appreciation for the Czech Republic government's support in the modernization program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, which is part of the country's technology transfer and defense investment initiatives.

During a joint press conference, Czech President Petr Pavel assured President Marcos of their support for the AFP modernization program. President Pavel highlighted the Czech Republic's longstanding tradition in the defense industry, stating that they have much to offer. When questioned about the cooperation between the Philippines and the Czech Republic in upholding international law, particularly regarding the South China Sea issue, President Pavel emphasized their shared commitment.

Czech Republic Prime Minister Petr Fiala reiterated their readiness to assist the Philippines in enhancing its defense security measures. He emphasized that the "Czech beneficiaries" are prepared to provide the necessary technologies to strengthen the country's resources for the future.

What are the specific ways that the Czech Republic plans to support the Philippines in strengthening its defense security?

 The Czech Republic intends to provide the necessary technologies for future use, which may involve supplying advanced military equipment like ships, aircraft, and radar systems. This assistance aims to enhance the capabilities of the Philippine military and align with the government's modernization program for the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Through technology transfer and defense investment initiatives, the Czech Republic seeks to establish a close collaboration with the Philippines in the defense sector. This partnership is expected to contribute to the modernization of military equipment and expand the capacity and capability of the Philippine military.

What are the objectives of the Philippine government's modernization program for the Armed Forces of the Philippines? 

The modernization program aims to achieve several goals, including enhancing the country's defense capabilities, improving national security, and ensuring the readiness of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to address various threats and challenges. To accomplish these objectives, the program focuses on the following key areas:

Strengthening Defense Readiness: The program emphasizes the enhancement of the AFP's overall readiness by acquiring advanced equipment, technology, and systems. This involves upgrading existing assets and procuring new ones to ensure that the AFP is equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and equipment.

Enhancing Internal Security: The program seeks to improve the AFP's ability to address internal security threats, such as terrorism, insurgency, and domestic unrest. This includes enhancing intelligence capabilities, conducting effective counterinsurgency operations, and improving the training and capabilities of AFP personnel.

Developing External Defense Capabilities: The program aims to bolster the AFP's capabilities to protect the country's territorial integrity and sovereignty. This entails acquiring assets and systems for maritime security, air defense, and other external defense requirements.

Promoting Regional Security Cooperation: The program emphasizes the importance of fostering closer cooperation and interoperability with regional partners and allies. This involves engaging in joint exercises, sharing best practices, and collaborating on defense and security initiatives to strengthen regional security and stability.

Enhancing Human Capital: The program recognizes the significance of investing in the AFP's personnel. It aims to improve training and education programs, enhance welfare and benefits, and promote professional development to build a capable and motivated military force. - (Mark Laureto Sipriano)

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