Kris Aquino

 Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino, known by her full name Kristina Bernadette Aquino, is a popular television presenter, actress, and film producer from the Philippines. She has been recognized with multiple awards, including 42 PMPC Star Awards for Television, 10 Golden Screen Awards, and a FAMAS Award. One of her notable achievements is gaining international acclaim for her portrayal of Princess Intan in the highly acclaimed film "Crazy Rich Asians".

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In recent news, there have been updates regarding Kris Aquino's health. She has been undergoing treatments and had to postpone her planned hospital stay in Los Angeles due to COVID-19 concerns in the medical facilities. Kris Aquino has also shared that she faces a high risk of cardiac arrest and requires a new medication that weakens her immune system. During this challenging time, she has expressed her concerns for her sons and her deep gratitude for the support of her friends and family.

Kris Aquino has been dealing with multiple autoimmune conditions that necessitate the use of immune-suppressing medication. She has disclosed having various autoimmune disorders, such as chronic spontaneous urticaria, autoimmune thyroiditis, and Churg Strauss (now called EGPA), a rare and potentially life-threatening type of vasculitis. In addition, Kris has revealed that she has commenced taking methotrexate, an anti-cancer medication that also acts as an immunosuppressant. While these medications aid in managing her conditions, they also render her more vulnerable to infections and other health complications.


Boy & @gmanetwork THANK YOU for allowing me to spend my birthday with you & the πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­. My BP was going haywire before i went live, that’s why i said Avanzado instead of DANTES🫠- i’m sorry @dongdantes.

Yes, because of Churg Strauss i now have cardiomyopathy. This means my heart muscles are having trouble pumping blood due to inflammation, and because of that inflammation, it’s exhausting my heart and causing it to begin to fail and ultimately, please pray with me- sana hindi tuluyang sumuko or mag CARDIAC ARREST.

Please help me pray for my doctors and my nurses so that God will continue to guide them as they try to heal me. I have always believed in sharing the TRUTH no matter how painful with all of you. Why? Because sinamahan nyo ako sa laban. Sana wag tayong sumuko sa ating pananampalataya na nakikinig ang Diyos sa mga Dasal ng buo ang tiwala sa Kanya.

Just in case this is the last birthday i get to celebrate here on earth, THANK YOU kuya & bimb for the most precious privilege of being chosen to be your mom. THANK YOU to my sisters for their love & generosity. THANK YOU to my small but very close circle of cousins & friends who have shared my life and their lives with me. THANK YOU to all of you for making all my childhood dreams come true.

Pa birthday n’yo na please- i have a few loved ones and dear friends battling very difficult illnesses as well. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM, too.

I still want to live, i know the odds are against me- dahil ang puso hindi pwedeng diktahan pero sana sa tulong ng dasal nyo mabigyan pa ko ng konting extension. YOU HAVE MY LOVE & ETERNAL GRATITUDE. Happy Valentine’s Day. πŸ©·πŸ’šπŸ§‘πŸ©΅ (year of the pig’s lucky & healing colors for 2024)

i waited until i got to exchange messages with PJ before i posted. My choice of song says it all. I won’t deny that after working so closely together for almost 20 years, “lola deo” and i drifted apart when i was no longer with ABS-CBN. But he shall ALWAYS remain the reason i learned the importance of honoring the job you’ve been given (when i was 28, a newly single mom, and he became my sole manager he imposed a 12 midnight curfew on me- he said: you have a morning show that airs LIVE at 11 AM, if you’re seen out until 3 AM, the staff in that restaurant may mga nanay at asawa- audience mo sila. Nasa studio ka ng 9 AM, meaning bumangon ka para maligo etc at 7:30- paano ka gagalangin ng audience mo kung hindi mo binibigyan ng importansya ang trabaho mo?) Deo believed in me when many doubted (i was the 3rd choice to host Game KNB). He showed me the value of professionalism, respect, and generosity in sharing the credit with everyone involved in the production of my shows & movies. He instilled in me how to separate my personal problems from my duty to entertain (if only my dressing rooms had CCTV cameras- sometimes 5 mins before going live my tears would still be rolling nonstop.) He fought for me when i asked to take an indefinite leave from SNN & the BUZZ during my mom’s last few weeks alive because he understood why i refused to leave her hospital room. He was a generous & thoughtful ninong to bimb. He wrote the most beautiful messages in his cards, all of them i scanned so that i’d forever have copies of his heartfelt greetings. For 16 years not a day passed that we didn’t communicate. I’m now so sorry for my failure to be the one to reach out because it hurt me when i failed to hear from him personally during my time of grief & the time my health started deteriorating. My wrong choice prevented us from being each other’s support system when we should’ve been there for each other. i’m sharing this for others to see that pride in the end only leaves us with regret. Please know LA, i never “unloved” you. And i am proud to declare- i’d never have become KRIS without the magical guidance of the creative genius that was DEO ENDRINAL.


There’s something i chose not to reveal but i feel i must. There were some abnormalities in my blood panel. My hemoglobin hit an all time low, my sodium was as always low, BUT my potassium also dropped. If I want to get healthier it starts with my nutrition. Hindi ko kaya ang iron supplements. Starting next week i’ll be getting iron infusions. My Churg Strauss syndrome can affect many organs because it causes damage to blood vessels. My lungs have already shown some minor damage, but my now heart is showing signs of exhaustion- just to pump blood that lacks nutrients all over my body, kailangan mag overcompensate…

Dr Malika explained to me that my heart rate going up to 130-135 after taking a shower, my constant constant dizzy spells, and headaches are already a warning for me that unless i start trying to eat real food and not rely on milk alone, i could be among the 7 out of 10 patients with Churg Strauss who attribute their death to heart failure.

Bimb prepared the green juice: cucumber, apple, and a lot of spinach. Baby steps, kale will come soon- my food intake is really a problem. And my weight loss. I was knocked out because of my exhaustion from having both my Dupixent & Methotrexate injected into me on Wednesday, so I missed our Thanksgiving celebration. Tomorrow, Sunday if my chronic sinusitis has stopped, i’ll try to walk around with Bimb & my nurse. Bawal ang unnecessary stress. Let’s please continue praying for one another.

i spent the whole afternoon here in our unit in consultation with 2 young doctors- for their privacy i won’t name them- they are sisters in law who are both allergy specialists… marami akong health problems at present but para ma confirm how serious they are, kailangan unahin namin yung pinaka malaking hadlang, my allergies and my chronic urticaria. Hindi kasi alam how i’ll react to the dyes needed for tests like CT SCAN, MRI, and lahat ng may -gram sa ending.

For us na lang yung autoimmune + other health issues ko, better for me to FOCUS on what’s GOOD: cancer is ruled out, kidney function is okay, sugar is fine (meaning no diabetes), and so far liver function is okay considering all my maintenance meds.

Thank you for all your prayers & kind well wishes, but let’s continue praying not just for me BUT for all my loved ones: my family- my sisters, brothers-in-law, mga pamangkin and PLEASE, my 2 sons, Kuya Josh & Bimb.

Please pray also for my closest cousins & my trusted friends from all colors of the 🌈 and my exceptionally loyal Doctors, my nurse, and my TEAM @home who worry, and do everything possible to keep me safe & Covid free…

My prayers & sympathy to all those my cousin Charlie Cojuangco left behind, (most especially to my Manang Lisa.)

We just finished this blood test 30 minutes ago to see kung viable candidate ako for the treatment i want to try, before we go abroad. Thank you, Jessica- my favorite med tech from St. Luke’s BGC.

Sobrang daming dapat ma THANK YOU but aangal kayo na ang haba ng caption ko. So for now, God bless us πŸ˜‡, Good Night😴 & #lovelovelove.πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­


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